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Statewide Women in Agriculture & Small Business Conference:
Due to factors beyond our control which will impact overall quality of the event, the 2019 Statewide Women in Agriculture and Small Business Conference will not be held. While we regret to inform you of this news, we are looking for ways to fund continuation of the conference in the future. In the meantime, we would like to inform you of other events similar in nature that you may have interest in attending or have interest of inviting your local women producers and ranchers to attend. Please follow us on Facebook for the most current resources and educational opportunities.

If you are hosting a local or regional women in agriculture event, please let us know so we can promote it!

Interested in attending an Annie’s Project Workshop for Farm/Ranch Women?
Annie’s Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational programs designed to strengthen women’s roles in the modern farm enterprise. During a series of 6 sessions, the program focuses on the 5 areas of risk management: Production, Financial, Marketing, Legal and Human Resource Risk. For more information, please visit the Oklahoma Annie’s Project website or the National Annie’s Project website.

If you are interested in attending an Annie’s Project workshop in your area, please contact your local FCS or Ag educator. For other Annie’s Project related questions, you are welcome to contact state coordinators Dr. Damona Doye or Sara Siems at 405-744-9836.


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